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Aim of the project

To help unprivileged children of Nepal at the foothill of Himalaya by providing and establishing better education, sports facilities and libraries in the village schools. These are not provided by the government of Nepal, nor do villagers have the money to afford themselves. Therefore please join me and my team to help those poor needy village’s children of Nepal

13:47:10 07/08/2013

Thank you

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to friends and colleagues across the world for helping me with my village project (Gaunghar). Without your continued help, guidance and support I could not have done this. To help my poor village people is a dream come true and it gives me immense satisfaction and absolute happiness. For the past few years, with your kind help, my team in the village has been able to organise many community support programmes such as funding for teachers, schools supplies, sports equipment and organising sports and social activities in the village.

Friends Academy is an English Medium School established in the year 2007 with a view to give the children an early start in English language. This school caters for students from the age of 6 – 12 years old. It is a privately funded school where English is taught from nursery, with the school doing very well and they have 84 students.

We have been supporting Government Schools in providing educational materials such as stationery, sports equipment and funding for the teachers. Children in the village school do not have access to books, newspapers and the Internet, due to a lack of road and electricity; only in Government Schools do children receive formal education. In remote villages, only the school’s basic curriculum is taught, therefore the knowledge the children receive in such an environment is limited. Access to these facilities is beyond their dreams, since they are available only in the city. Therefore opening a library would most definitely broaden their horizon. In 2012 alone, three libraries were created in the village schools.

Koiraphant Village Youth Club in the village has been instrumental in organising village community activities such as sports, religious events and cultural programmes and many more with a hope to involve the community as a team. It is the only sports ground within the vicinity of the Duradanda where children can play sports. Schools from the vicinity use this ground for their sports events. It is not big but is the equivalent to 7 A sides which I am hoping to expand and convert into a proper ground by next year.

I received aid from different NGOs in Nepal such as Choice Nepal, who are helping Government Schools in the villages to construct proper school buildings. Another important NGO is called Room to Read; they have been helping setting up libraries to the village schools.

In summary, many positive things are happening in the villages and credit must go out to you all. Life in the remote villages in the foothills of hills and mountains is hard; people survive on self subsistence farming but food is not enough, there is no electricity, road, or medical facilities and a lack of employment. They need to go to other countries to work as cheap labour due to the lack of education. To fight these deficiencies, education is important and that is why I am hoping to promote education in conjunction with sports. Please keep continue to help me, this project is possible only with your continual support and generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Jaibahadur Dura

13:45:51 07/08/2013

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